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Backgammon Articles

Here you'll find some articles about backgammon. If you like to act as a guest author, you are most welcome! Just send me an eMail.
There are also some articles only available in German.
by Nigel Merrigan
In this Article Nigel Merrigan, British Open Backgammon Champion 2006, discusses the influence of crossovers in race bear-off positions in relation to wastage produced by gaps.
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|                   |   |                   |
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This and That
von Hardy Hübener
During the Nordic Open 2008 I had the pleasure to meet Volker Wenzlaff, who may be known to some of you already as manufacturer of his Gammoner  backgammon boards.

I had the opportunity to ask him virtually everything about his boards. To summarize: I am really impressed. His boards are the true Mercedes of backgammon boards!
  GAMMONER Backgammon-Boards

by Hardy Hübener
If you play on FIBS regularly, you will have noticed, that not all players online are properly displayed in the players list. This problem is caused by FIBS, but can be solved easily.

For JavaFIBS2001 - in my oppinion the most comfortable FIBS-interface - I will present a solution, to get all players displayed in the players list.
  JavaFIBS 2001
Last update: 08th July 2008