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This & That

In this part of my homepage you'll find everything, that doesn't fit into the other parts. So far some wise and/or famous backgammon quotes, a very ample collection of top backgammon matches and answers to many Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are available.
Photos of the FIBS Party Basel, 2006 Also some photos of the last FIBS party in Basel (SUI), July 2006 and of other splendid FIBS events are available in the photo gallery.
If you want to know how the game of backgammon developed from 3,500 BC until today, you'll find the answer in my Tabular History of Backgammon.
Maybe you'll also find some advertisements containing backgammon interesting, as they give an idea which attributes this game was (and is?) associated with by the general public.
In the near future you'll also find articles about the backgammon etiquette and a complete backgammon glossary (with both english and german expressions).
Last update: 2nd January 2007