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Where to buy

If you are searching for backgammon books, I can recommend the following sources. At some of them you can also find backgammon supplies, like boards, precision dice, dice cups, software, etc. Enjoy your internet shopping or bidding on ebay :-)

Logo Carol Joy Cole
Carol Joy Cole
offers a wide range of new and older backgammon books for reasonable prices. Even if you buy from Europe, some prices including shipping are cheaper than when buying at European sellers.

You can contact Carol via e-mail. If she is not currently attending a backgammon tournament you will get a nice answer promptly.

Carol Joy Cole does not only offer books, but also any backgammon supplies like boards, software, dice, cubes, checkers, position cards, etc.

Logo eBay
With a bit of patience you will find nearly any backgammon book on ebay, English books on www.ebay.com, German books on www.ebay.de. You should check if the seller is willing to ship the book to your country and better ask before bidding, how much this will cost. Another problem may arise when paying. Transferring money between different countries sometimes is still challenging and costly. I usually use PayPal, which I can really recommend.

Of course you can also find backgammon supplies on ebay.

Logo Gammon Press
Bill Robertie's The Gammon Press is offering books, especially Robertie's and Woolsey's newest publications, but also software, old issues of the magnificent backgammon magazine 'Inside Backgammon', backgammon software and video tapes of tournaments, commented by Kent Goulding, Kit Woolsey and Bill Robertie.

Logo A&K Klessische Spiele
A German online shop I can recommend is A&K Klassische Spiele in Kassel. They have a limited range of backgammon books only, but a wide range of supplies, also for other games than backgammon. You can even visit the shop in Kassel, which looks more like a stockroom than a shop and discuss the prices with the owners.

Logo Abebooks
A great search engine for antique books worldwide is abebooks. I have already found a lot of old books in mint condition there. Abebooks is organizing payment and shipping for you. You usually have nothing else to do than wait for the book. Of course this service has its price.

Logo Backgammon and Games Shop
I have no experiences yet with the danish Backgammon and Games Shop. This shop offers a wide range of both backgammon books and backgammon supplies.

GAMMONER Backgammon-Boards
The Mercedes amongst the backgammon boards: Gammoner™. Made by Volker Wenzlaff, with amazing love to detail and in an outstanding quality. Every single board is hand-made after the special requests of the customer. My personal assessment is, that Gammoner™ boards are the true successor of the famous Dresen boards.

More details about those boards can be read in my Gammoner Boards article (only in German, however).

Logo FTH-Backgammon
Hanim Terlemez sells hand-made backgammon boards, which are of about the same quality as Dal Negro boards, but for half the price. If you want the board in your special colours - no problem. You can contact Mr. Terlemez via his FTH-Backgammon Homapage. Over the menu item "Backgammon Galerie" you can have a look at his boards. Mr. Terlemez also sells via ebay. His sellers name there is "hanisch2003".

Logo David Naylor
Genesis Naylor, London, is manufacturing fine handmade leather boards at fair prices. He took over from his father David Naylor, who was well know for his boards in whole Great Britain.

A funny development is his travel board. It combines the comfort and size of a normal board with an acceptable size for transport. Have a look for a photo of the travel board.
Last update: 29th March 2008