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Backgammon Words of Wisdom
Backgammon Words of Wisdom
FIBS League
FIBS League The FIBS League is one of the most attractive backgammon leagues worldwide, with great players, great action and a great atmosphere. It's all for free and is played on the famous First Internet Backgammon Server - FIBS.

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P i n b o a r d
Japan World Champion of Backgammon again!    2011-07-23

Takumitsu Suzuki from Japan won the World Championship of Backgammon last week. Runner-up is Fabio Gullota from Italy.

The other semi-finalists were Paul Weaver (USA) and Mochizuki Masayuki (JPN), world champion of 2009.

The matches of the final and the semi-finals are available in the match archive.

Merry Christmas    2010-12-23

A merry christmas to all backgammon enthusiasts and a happy new year! May 2011 be full of jokers!

Monte Carlo 2008 results    2008-07-13

Lars Trabolt is World Champion of Backgammon 2008. The friendly Dane, currently ranked #16 on the 2007 list of backgammon giants, defeated a.o. Christian Plenz (GER), Michihito Kageyama (JPN), Joel Schiff (ISR) and Mario Sequeira (POR) on his way to victory.

Further results are:

2. Mario Sequeira (POR)
3./4. Achim Müller (GER), Joel Schiff (ISR)
1. Consolation: Lars Degerman (SWE), Neville Eber (RSA)
2. Consolation: Carsten Joh (GER), Ricardo Spinola (BRA)
1. Last Chance: Tom Zarrinnam (USA)

More results can be found on the Chicago Point Website.

Monte Carlo 2008 Update    2008-07-11

Achim Müller (GER) won his quarter final match against Lars Degerman 21:16 and advances to the semi-finals now. Well done!

The semi-final matches will be:
Mario Sequeira (POR)  :  Achim Müller (GER) Bravo!

Joel Schiff (ISR)  :  Lars Trabolt (DEN)

Monte Carlo 2008 - Achim Müller (GER) reaching quarter final    2008-07-11

Monte Carlo - Casino Achim Müller (GER) reached the round of the last 8 players at the World Championship of Backgammon 2008 in Monte Carlo. On his way into the quarter final he won a.o. against Jon Royset (NO), World Champion of 2003. Achim Müller will play Lars Degerman from Sweden in the next round.

The other parinings in the quarter finals are Victor Petersen (NOR) vs. Mario Sequeira (POR), Lars Trabolt (DEN) vs. Robert Lindbom (SWE) and Joel Schiff (ISR) vs. Karsten Nielsen (DEN).

Nordic Open with many participants in 2008    2008-03-27

Nordic Open 2008 The Nordic Open 2008 had a big increase in participants in 2008: 154 players in the champions division (!!!), 78 players advanced, 78 players intermediate and 79 players in the beginners division. Together nearly 400 participants. So the Nordic Open is the biggest backgammon torunament worldwide.

The tournament was well organized as always and offered a lot of side action (jackpots, satellites, team tournament, nations cup, ladies cup, qualifiers, etc.). I recommend to already mark your calendar for the Nordic Open 2009 (easter weekend).

Have a look at the photos of the Nordic Open 2008 to get a feeling of the tournament atmosphere.

Development of Snowie 5 on hold    2008-02-14

The development of the professional backgammon software Snowie™ seems to be stopped. A new version 5 was announced for October 2007, but according a recently spread customer information there will be no new version soon:

"We have received many enquires regarding Snowie 5 and would like to inform all of our customers that the development of Snowie 5 is currently on hold. We do not envisage a launch anytime soon."

Pinboard Archive

Im the Pinboard Archive you can re-visit older texts of the pinboard, that got deleted on this main page.

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Link of the Month
www.checkerplay.com Checkerplay is a new backgammon website by Christian Liebe-Harkort, well known to the international backgammon scene. On his website checkerplay problems are discussed, commented and archived by category. One can also enter own positions or check the own playing level by conducting a quiz. Worth visiting!

Gammoner™ Backgammon Boards    Neu!
I will always remember the Nordic Open 2008. It was my first international backgammon tournament success, as I reached the semi-finals of the advanced flight. But also besides this it was a very interesting event with a lot of absorbing discussions and many new acquaintances made. Among other things I met Volker Wenzlaff for the first time. He may be known to some of you already as the manufacturer of the Gammoner™ backgammon boards.

Improve Your Backgammon
You can play backgammon a whole life long without ever asking yourself whether a specific move or cube decision was correct or wrong and still enjoy the game. Such a player, however, will never be able to win a major backgammon tournament or reach a top rating on a backgammon server in the internet.

History of Backgammon
The history of backgammon is not solved yet and probably never will be. In particular tracing the development of backgammon through the different variants of board games back to its real origins is nearly impossible.

Play Backgammon Online   
Unfortunately there are much less backgammon players than chess players for instance. Therefore it's not easy to find players for live play in your town. Playing in the internet is a good alternative to live play, in order to excercise your ability of tournament and match play.

Revisit of the Ward Formula   by Nigel Merrigan
In the space of 24 hours, I had two meetings planned, one with a certain Miss. Stella Artois and the other with a World Class thoroughbred; no, not the ante-post favourite at 2.45 Cheltenham, but rather with the going is good Mr. Julian Fetterlein.

Top Backgammon Matches
Here you'll find a lot top matches from various backgammon tournaments for download. Analyzing those matches is very instructive! Most matches are in the .mat-format (Jelly Fish ™), which can also be imported by GNU Backgammon and Snowie ™.

FIBS-Problem: I Can't See All Players
If you play on FIBS regularly, you will have noticed, that not all players online are properly displayed in the players list. This problem is caused by FIBS, but can be solved easily.

Frequently Asked Questions
In this Backgammon FAQ I am going to give answers to frequently asked questions. You'll also find answers to questions who never came to your mind yet.