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Another needless link collection in the already multitudinous information flood of the internet??? I don't hope so  .    I have been very conservative and will only offer links to very informative websites that offer high-quality information.

A quick hint: All links within my website, which would leave my website, enter a new browser window. So the original window will remain.

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One last remark ...
I am not interested in any link exchange with commercially oriented sites. I'll only list here, what I really can recommend with a clear conscience. However, if you identify great sites missing here, please let me know via eMail.
1) Kit Woolsey's GammOnLine started in July 1999 as the first internet backgammon magazine, with monthly articles, a discussion forum and an online match between Kit Woolsey and his readers. Begin 2007 Kit Woolsey sold GammOnLine to a company, that operates backgammon servers, promising, that nothing would change for the GammOnLine members. Only few months later Kit Woolsey broke with the seller. Fortunately GammOnLine was revived under the name GammOnU and is continuing to exist at the same level of quality!
Last update: 13th December 2008