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Backgammon Bibliography        
  Author Ballard, Nack
  Weaver, Paul
  Title Backgammon Openings - Book A
  Subtitle Path-breaking analysis of the early game presented by two leading theoreticans
  Cover Cover
  Year 2007
  Pages 126
  Publisher The Backgammon Press
  Binding Hardcover with dustjacket
  ISBN 0979705304
  Language English
  Remarks Available via Nack Ballard's Website for 39,- US$ plus shipping/handling.
  Book Reviews "The subject of the book is how to play a roll of 31 in various opening positions occurring during the first three rolls of the game. [...] Explanations, backed up by extensive computer (bot) rollouts, are lucid and insightful. There's never room for doubt about the intended meaning; [...] Production quality is excellent (solid hardcover with attractive dust jacket). Presentation is likewise excellent. [...] I recommend Backgammon Openings: Book A to all backgammon players, from the rankest beginner to the strongest expert. I congratulate Nack Ballard and Paul Weaver on a fine effort. All the years and labor spent on it are justified." –  Marty Storer, GoU, 2008-01-15