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Backgammon Bibliography        
  Author Becker, Bruce
  Title Backgammon for Blood !
  Cover Cover UK edition Cover US edition
  UK edition (Hardcover)US edition (Hardcover)
  Cover Pocket-book
  Year 1974 (Hardcover) / 1975 (Pocket-book)
  Pages UK edition (Hardcover): 124
US edition (Hardcover): 176
Pocket-book: 176
  Publisher UK edition (Hardcover): William Luscombe Publisher Ltd., London
US edition (Hardcover): A Sunrise Book, E. P. Dutton & Co., Inc., New York
Pocket-book: Avon Books, New York
  Binding Hard- & Softcover
  ISBN UK edition (Hardcover): 086002072X
US edition (Hardcover): 0876901232
Pocket-book: 0380003848 (and others?)
  Language English
  Remarks 1. Published in the USA and in Great Britain simultaneously with different cover layouts.

2. Despite 50 pages slimmer, the UK edition has the same contents as the US editions. Only the order of the chapters differs slightly: In the US edition the rules are a seperate appendix, in the britisch edition the rules are a chapter in the middle of the book.

3. There are probably different pocket-book editions with different front covers and different ISBN numbers.
  Book Reviews "Backgammon for Blood was a very popular book and good enough to turn many beginners into winners. Becker's writing style is entertaining, and his comments on luck, probability, doubling and attitude are worth absorbing. His recommendations on opening moves are not, and his recommended strategies are no longer good enough to beat competent intermediate level players. [..]
Get the picture? Slot, slot, slot. Becker hates a running game and has nothing to say about an advanced anchor holding game. His recommended strategy therefore has two parts: First, he goes all out for a prime extending from the 5 point to the 10 point. [..] Enter the second part of Becker's strategy: he doesn't really care if the slotted checkers get hit because he's eager to outplay his opponents in a back game.
Back games can be very strong, and Becker makes a good point: if you never learn how to play a back game, you will win less often, and if your opponents don't know how to play them, you will win a lot of extra gammons, or a lot of free points with a scary cube. However, against competent opponents back games are money losers and should be a last resort, not something to aim for." – Daniel Murphy, rec.games.backgammon, July 1997

"Despite the unsuitablity of the content as a modern learning tool, the book may still be regarded as a classic, if only for the novelty and entertainment value. Beckers passionate prose and wacky advice makes for an excellent light-hearted read and is guaranteed to not to put the bedtime reader to sleep, if only from fits of laughter." – Mark Driver, December 2001