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Backgammon Bibliography        
  Author Corbett, Mike
  Title Backgammon Problems
  Cover Cover
  Year 2007
  Pages 205
  Publisher Llumina Press, Coral Springs, Florida, USA
  Binding Softcover
  ISBN ?
  Language English
  Remarks Available via Carol Joy Cole for 31,- US$.
  Book Reviews "The book, Backgammon Problems, felt more of a "bash Snowie" book than a backgammon book. We all know Snowie has many flaws, a lot of which we hope will be corrected if Snowie 5 ever sees the light of day, but to aim a book at this isn't entirely constructive for one's learning.
Why in today's computer age (fast processors and GNU is free) would you release a book and not use at least two bots' opinions? I understand they may have been articles to begin with, and that's acceptable I guess if that's what you're shooting with, but if you're putting out a book I expect more for my money." – Stick Rice, BGOnline.org Forums, January 2008