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Backgammon Bibliography        
  Author Deyong, Lewis
  Title Playboy's Book Of Backgammon
  Cover Cover
                                   Hardcover-edition                                                           Softcover-edition
  Year 1977
  Pages viii + 295
  Publisher Playboy Press, Chicago (Hardcover) / Wideview (Softcover)
  Binding Hardcover (with dustjacket) / Softcover
  ISBN 87223-425-8 (Hardcover) / 0-87223-522-X (Softcover)
  Language English
  From the same Author Backgammon - Learning To Win, 1977
  Book Reviews "Very interesting reading, and not that bad, actually. That's worth a good look. It's very interesting reading. The anecdotes are worth the price of the book. The backgammon advice is not so bad either." – Neil Kazaross, Dec 1994 in einem Interview durch Mike Fujita

The Playboy book is a 'must have' for the backgammon enthusiast or collector. The book is widely available on the second-hand markets in two main formats - the original hardback edition, and the soft back 'wide-view' edition (with a bright orange cover). Deyong was one of the great names of the game throughout the backgammon renaissance of 60's and 70's. Despite never achieving the hallowed World Champion status, he enjoyed much success on the international tourney circuit both as a player and promoter of the game. [..]
Deyong's close association with the international jet set provided much material for the book. Contrary to the suggestive title, there are no pictures of scantily clad females. [..]
Deyong's backgammon lessons take the total novice to the strategic realm of the Intermediate player and contain much valuable information on the psychology of the game and tournament etiquette (including the detailed mechanics of Calcutta auctions, and hedging). [..]
Deyong is a great raconteur, and his stimulating story telling is the main value of the book for the enthusiast. [..]
Like most books of the era, the strategy sections are dated, but the core concepts and principles elucidated still remain valid." – Mark Driver, http://www.gammoned.com/books/, December 2001