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Backgammon Bibliography        
  Author Garal, Dr. Jakob
  Title Fair Backgammon Tournament Rules
  Subtitle Fair Backgammon Tournament Rules And New Scoring System
  Cover Cover
  Year 2006
  Pages 123
  Publisher ? (Printed in Ukraine)
  Binding Softcover
  Language English
  ISBN 9663423773
  Remarks 1. The author introduces via this book his ideas for new rules and a new scoring system for backgammon tournaments.

2. The author is also known for his attempts to develop a backgammonboard that is able to record moves automatically → photo.

3. Available via the authors website www.fairbg.com.
  Book Reviews "Personally I like the 'Identical Opening Roll Rule' idea and would like to see it instated, assuming that it does not disrupt the flow and that I can be assured that my opponents have no trouble using it correctly." – Nack Ballard, 2006