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Backgammon Bibliography        
  Authors Jacoby, Oswald
  Crawford, John
  Title The Backgammon Book
  Cover Cover Cover
  Hardcover Taschenbuchausgabe
  Year 1970
  Pages 224 (Hardcover) / 244 (Softcover)
  Publisher The Viking Press, N.Y.
  Binding Hardcover (with dustjacket) / Softcover
  ISBN 670-14409-6
  Language English
  Remarks 1. A must for every backgammon library!

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3. Also available in German: "Das Backgammon Buch".
  From the same Author Das Backgammon Buch, 1974
The New York Times Book of Backgammon, 1974
  Book Reviews "In the 1970's I soon discovered, there weren't many books on backgammon other than some rather poor primers. Then I found "The Backgammon Book" by Jacoby and Crawford which was light years ahead of the rest and formed the basis of my early education." – Chris Bray in his book "Backgammon - An Independent View"

"'The first work on backgammon to approach the game from an analytic point of view,' writes Robertie. On top of that distinction, it is also still the best all-round introduction to the game, with chapters on backgammon's history, chouette play, settlements, the running of tournaments, and etiquette (!) — topics hardly touched upon in backgammon literature thereafter. Although it doesn't actually contain all that much analysis, that which is there is surprisingly accurate by modern standards." – Jeremy Bagai, in Classic Backgammon Revisited, March 2001

"Of course, Jacoby/Crawford may well be outdated in terms of the advice it gives for responses to opening rolls [..] But even if the contents are not 100% accurate, and are nowhere near 100% thorough, the reader develops a vocabulary for studying the game, and a good all-around sense of the aspects of the game. I think this book is a fine place to start, but if you hope to get anywhere you will need to follow up with some more sophisticated books. Magriel if you can find it, of course. [..]" – Albert Steg, http://gammoned.com/books/, September 1994