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Backgammon Bibliography        
  Authors Kennedy, Bill
  Papazian, Chuck
  Title Backgammon Master Games
  Cover Cover
  Year 1981
  Pages vii+215
  Publisher Shima Publishing, Inc., Palo Alto, California
  Binding Hardcover (with dustjacket)
  ISBN 0-941960-00-5
  Language English
  Book Reviews "About 15 years ago this book was my first backgammon book and I learned the game by playing through all games and analysed them deeply. If you do the same, you may realize very soon, that the analyses are very often wrong or superficial. On the other hand, the ganes are interesting and there are covered the most important types of positions and games in backgammon. If you really work with the book in an open minded manner and invest some time to go over and think about the games (by your own at first - and only after this job is done with JellyFish or Snowie), I'am sure your backgammon will improve a lot. If used in this way, I recommend the book because of his interesting games." – Martin Fischer, April 1999

"Annotated games and positions from master match play. Analysis is largely based on intuitive concepts, and isn't well grounded in match-equity considerations etc. Not well supported by rollouts; a fair amount of errors, but the analysis overall is pretty sound." – Marty Storer in the Backgammon FAQ of the newsgroup rec.games.backgammon, assembled by Mark Damish, March 1996