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Backgammon Bibliography        
  Authors Lamford, Paul
  Gasquoine, Simon
  Title Improve your Backgammon
  Cover Cover
  Year 2002
  Pages 128
  Publisher Everyman Publishers, London
  Binding Softcover
  ISBN 1-85744-315-2
  Language English
  From the same Author 100 Backgammon Puzzles, 1999
Starting out in Backgammon, 2001
  Book Reviews The title is misleading as the book is quite advanced, much more than a follow up to 'Starting Out in Backgammon'. I'd think you'd want to be well over 1700 on FIBS before reading it. [..]
Overall: I find the writing style to be clear and concise, it's certainly a very dense 128 pages. The drawback, like the other works of Paul Lamford's, is that it's from a highly mathematical mindset and a bit weaker on the general 'vision' side of backgammon mastering. Certainly the race formula in the opening chapter could frighten some readers away, but there's still plenty of backgammon wisdom in there for those less numerate.
In terms of actual costs it's fantastic value compared to other advanced bg books. [..]" – Alef Rosenbaum, rec.games.backgammon, May 2003