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Backgammon Bibliography        
  Authors Reese, Terence
  Brinig, Robert
  Title Backgammon - The Modern Game
  Cover Cover
                            hardcover edition                                          softcover edition
  Year 1975; Reprint als Softcover 1976
  Pages Hardcover: 139 / Softcover: 141
  Publisher Hardcover: W.H. Allen & Co., London / Softcover: Cornerstone Library, New York
  Binding Hardcover (with dustjacket) / Softcover (probably published not before 1977)
  ISBN Hardcover: 0-491-01663-8 / Softcover: 0-346-12311-9
  Language English
  Remarks 1. The softcover edition is an unchanged reprint of the hardcover edition.

2. A further reprint was probably published 1998 by Rools Offset.