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Backgammon Bibliography        
  Authors Tzannes, Nicholaos
  Tzannes, Basil
  Title Backgammon Games and Strategies
  Subtitle Rules and Strategies for Hit (Portes), Plakoto, Moultezim and Gioul
  Cover Cover
  Year 1977
  Pages 267
  Publisher A.S. Barnes and Co., South Brunswick, NJ
  Binding Hardcover (with dustjacket)
  ISBN 0-498-01497-5
  Language English
  From the same Author How Good are You at Backgammon?, 75 Challenging Test Situations, 1974
How Good are You at Backgammon?, 50 Challenging Situations, 2001
  Book Reviews "Basically the book is aimed at the beginners market and of only of interest for its content on Plakoto and Moultezim." – Mark Driver, rec.games.backgammon, December 2001

"The Tzannes brothers are passionate about these games (Plakoto, Moultezim, and Gioul), and write in the hopes of popularizing them in North America: 'It is incredible to us that the two games that [plakoto and moultezim] are not known to the western world. They are by far much more interesting and exciting than "hit." It is our strong belief that the doubling cube may become obsolete, once these games are learned and appreciated. Plakoto is without any doubt the king of backgammon games. Moultezim is a serious game for the fundamentalist, the pure startegist, the complete backgammon player. A player who does not know these games is not really fulfilled." (p.9).
It's hard to imagine Americans being lured away from our doubling cubes, yet there may be a wealth of fascination we are missing out on here! Surely, backgammon-type games are more of a cultural treasure in the Mediterranean countries than they are in America. Is there such a thing as "a complete backgammon player" in America?" – Albert Steg, rec.games.backgammon, May 1994