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Backgammon Bibliography        
  Authors Kit Woolsey
  Heinrich, Hal
  Title New Ideas In Backgammon
  Cover Cover
  Year 1996
  Pages xi+336
  Publisher The Gammon Press, Arlington, MA
  Binding Softcover
  ISBN 1-880604-08-6
  Language English
  Remarks It looks as if the co-author, Hal Heinrich, had been forgotten, when the book got printed. His name on the front cover is added on a sticker, his vita is included on an errata sheet.
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  Book Reviews "Die Autoren behaupten, daß das Buch die korrekteste Sammlung schwieriger Problemstellungen ist, die jemals zusammengestellt wurde, und daß der Leser einiges hieraus lernen könnte. Ich finde, sie haben Recht! Man kann nicht nur aus den Problempositionen lernen,sondern vor allem aus den von Kit Woolsey ausgearbeiteten Kommentaren. [...] Das Buch ist allen Spielern jeglicher Kompetenz wärmstens zu empfehlen!" – Backgammon Magazin 4/96

Kit, runner-up in the 1996 World Cup, and Hal, winner of the 1990 Monte Carlo World Championship have assembled a collection of problems that tests the ability of even the best human players, yet provides instructive lessons for everyone from beginner to expert. All the positions in the book are taken from actual tournament matches in which a top expert made an incorrect choice. In each case, the correct play has been verified by an elaborate series of computer analyses using the neural net Jellyfish. In addition, all the problems have been shown to a panel of eight human experts, and only those problems which were able to stump most of the panel were finally included in the book.
These are not trick positions or exotic plays. The positions are of the sort that arise in every game, yet are misplayed by nearly all players. Hal Heinrich and Kit Woolsey have drawn on their vast experience to provide you with the theoretical framework behind the often counter-intuitive plays. It's fair to say that 'New Ideas in Backgammon' stretches our understanding of the game more than any other book in recent years." – Kate McCollough, October 1999